January 2017

About Us

Yield Qwest is a business that aggregates services for those who want to establish a financial, investment, migration, or business, presence in New Zealand.

Our main benefit is the cost effective approach we take toward helping our clients achieve their goals and if there is a service we do not specialize in or are not licensed to perform, we outsource that service to a network of professionals who may be able to help.

The main driving force behind the company is Founder, Michael Reps who has over 20 years experience in the Investment, Migration, and Business Development sectors. and who himself went through the uprooting process of relocating from the US to New Zealand 15 years ago. More important, are his views that the future years are going to be ones in which capital preservation is going to win out over capital appreciation. In other words, it is time to prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

While the recent advent of "Prepping" has hit the publics consciousness over the last several years, among the topics gaining more attention recently are the "Preperations" being made by people across the globe to ensure that they can relocate to friendlier, less hostile jurisdictions, should they need to.

Consider this; "How convenient would it be to have in place all of the pieces to a business that requires minimal yearly maintenance"?

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